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Sunday, September 26, 2010

hdhomerun single doing multirec

hdhomerun single doing mulirec (record multiple channels on the same DVB multiplex) on my lucid. (http://bit.ly/9hcBeo)


to setup this feature, do the following: (ref)

1. Exit the myth frontend.
2. Stop the myth backend (ALT-2)
3. Start mythtv-setup (ALT-s)
4. Select "2 Capture cards"
5. Select your capture card. Remember, it must be a digital tuner.
6. Hit the "Recording Options" button.
7. Increase "Max Recordings" from 1 to the number you want to allow.
8. Exit mythtv setup
9. Restart mythth backend (ALT-3)
10. Restart the front end (ALT-m)

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