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Thursday, May 24, 2012

xbmc as myth frontend on macosx

xbmc these days can function as mythtv frontend. I found xbmc easier to setup on other OS'es other than my regular front and back ends.

For instance, my regular mythtv back and front ends are Ubuntu lucid LTS (10.04); but I also have a macbook pro (running mac osx), and a Lenovo U400 running Ubuntu precise.

Here's how I setup xbmc as my mythtv frontenv.


My myth backend is

Step  1.

Install xbmc. Refer http://xbmc.org/download/ on howto, for your platform.

Step 2.

Install MythBox addon. Go to Videos -> Add-ons -> Get More.. and select and install MythBox.

Step 3.

Go into MythBox to where you can define the MySQL details.  Here's how I've configured mine:

Step 4.

Spawn xbmc. Before we do that, lets route 6543 traffic to the myth backend server.

(Note: you can use socat easier than ssh, there is an example elsewhere in this blog to use socat)


$ /usr/X11/bin/xterm -title "Close_me_after_myth" -e "ssh -c blowfish -L 6543:localhost:6543 cat - " 

$ /usr/bin/xterm  -title "Close_me_after_myth" -e "ssh -c blowfish -L 6543:localhost:6543 cat - " & 

Start MythBox, enjoy


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