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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Using Skype to call India

I like Skype - especially because Skype has Linux Clients, and they simply work, unlike Google Talk, Y messenger etc, on Linux. (In case you're interested to run Skype client on Linux, go for the latest Linux Beta Clients from this page)

But, what is preventing me from using Skype as my long distance/International Call Carrier?

Their rates, of course...!

Rates to India from Skype - 15.0 ¢ per minute
Rates to India from elsewhere - 6.2 ¢ per minute

Do the math...!

Skype rates:

Calling Card Rates:

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Tanweer said...

Hi dear you raised very nice question. Really skepe has higher call rate compare to others....You can go to....http://www.on4.com/phonerates.html
You will gate still low call@ 6¢ per min.


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