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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How NetGear Forum Saved me money.

I've two Linux PCs in my living room - among many roles, one is the myth backend, and the other is the F/E. The F/E is connected to my Samsung 32" LCD. They both are about 15m apart, and are "wired".

When I was installing the latter, I had the RJ45 cable in handy and decided just to use that cable. Of lately, I been toying with the idea of buying a USB Wireless adaptor, just for the heck of it.

I wanted to buy a NetGear USB adapter, which would have costed about $60.00.

Then I tumbled upon this post, in Netgear's Forum:

That saved me from blowing $60.00 something on NetGear USB adapter. Ah, the sweet feeling of not having to buy hardware which has no Linux support. (ndiswrapper, no thanks..!)

Suck it, NetGear...! As a buyer, I am glad I chose not to buy your crap, NetGear.

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