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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How NetGear Forum Saved me money.

I've two Linux PCs in my living room - among many roles, one is the myth backend, and the other is the F/E. The F/E is connected to my Samsung 32" LCD. They both are about 15m apart, and are "wired".

When I was installing the latter, I had the RJ45 cable in handy and decided just to use that cable. Of lately, I been toying with the idea of buying a USB Wireless adaptor, just for the heck of it.

I wanted to buy a NetGear USB adapter, which would have costed about $60.00.

Then I tumbled upon this post, in Netgear's Forum:

That saved me from blowing $60.00 something on NetGear USB adapter. Ah, the sweet feeling of not having to buy hardware which has no Linux support. (ndiswrapper, no thanks..!)

Suck it, NetGear...! As a buyer, I am glad I chose not to buy your crap, NetGear.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Why one should not use globe7?

globe7 is a voip thingy for Linux.

Don't bother installing it, as they are yet to learn how to create a decent deb package which would not screw your linux system up.

Here's an example:

# dpkg -r globe7
(Reading database ... 124718 files and directories currently installed.)
Removing globe7 ...
dpkg - warning: while removing globe7, directory `/usr/local/share' not empty so not removed.
dpkg - warning: while removing globe7, directory `/usr/local' not empty so not removed.



Using Skype to call India

I like Skype - especially because Skype has Linux Clients, and they simply work, unlike Google Talk, Y messenger etc, on Linux. (In case you're interested to run Skype client on Linux, go for the latest Linux Beta Clients from this page)

But, what is preventing me from using Skype as my long distance/International Call Carrier?

Their rates, of course...!

Rates to India from Skype - 15.0 ¢ per minute
Rates to India from elsewhere - 6.2 ¢ per minute

Do the math...!

Skype rates:

Calling Card Rates:


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