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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Living in Arverne NY, a bloggers review.

If you're considering living in Arverne (11692 NY) this review may be helpful.

Just don't. Just fucking don't.

Unless you work in Arverne itself, or are retired, or you work for Far Rockaway MTA, this is not the place to live.
Especially if you have to commute in Manhattan, you will have to either drive in, or depend on Public Transportation, aka MTA.

MTA subway A line comes this way, and is the longest route they have, with the oldest, dirtiest trains and slowest too.
Two express buses QM17 or QM16 and other local MTA routes does not make the commute any easier either. Reality is, MTA sucks ass.


Here's a better sounding analogy about living in Arverne - you live in the fucking boondocks, pay NY City taxes, and have a
two hour commute to the city, and on top of everything you pay the same for decent housing.

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