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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Using audacity with a bluetooth headset in Ubuntu

You can use your bluetooth headset as the recording device along with audacity.

Part -1 Install audacity:

# apt-get install audacity

Part -2 Install btsco

1. Load Kernel Module for btsco:

sudo modprobe btsco

check via


if it runs. To load it permanently add it to /etc/modules, just write "btsco" at the end of the File.

2. Install the following missing (at least on my system) packages needed by the btsco Userspace driver. Easy, because you have apt-get or synaptic:

  • gcc.

  • gcc-4.0.

  • altgcc.

  • libc6-dev.

  • linux-kernel-headers.

  • libasound2-dev.

  • libao-dev.

  • libbluetooth1-dev.

3. Download latest btsco from [WWW] http://sourceforge.net/projects/bluetooth-alsa/, unzip to Desktop perhaps.

4. Time for the shell! ;)

        cd btsco-0.4
sudo make install

5. Now pair your Headset with your PC (as above with the Mobile):

  • Headset needs to be in pairing-mode (often this is accomplished with holding the on buttons for a looong time).

  • start kbluetoothd, click on it, in the opened konqueror window click on the headset (sometimes the MAC-Adress shows up).

  • a popup should request the PIN for the Headset from you (mostly "0000" or "1234").

6. Start the btsco Userspace Program:

btsco -v 00:00:00:00:00

replace the zeros with the MAC Adress of your Headset (right click on kbluetoothd icon, connection details).

7. Verify its working

Verify its working:
  •  aplay -B 1000000 -D plughw:Headset sound.wav

    (replace sound.wav with a Wave-File of your choice. An MP3 also works, but you will only hear strange noise :).

  • Use XMMS: Options -> Preferences -> Audio I/O -> Output Plugin. Select ALSA -> configure, and select your Headset as Audiodevice. Restart XMMS and you should hear the music with the Headset.

  • You can use the Volume Manager from gnome to adjust the volume, right click on the speaker in the tray -> Settings -> File -> Change Device.

Everyday Use: If you load the Kernelmodule automatically, you just need to execute "btsco -v your_headsets_mac_adress" - really easy for everyday use. You can optional start kbluetoothd to check Signalstreght etc.

(Refer this page for more help with this section)

Part -3 : Configure Audacity

Fire up audacity, click File >> Preferences >> Set your Recording Device as /dev/dsp1

You're all set at this time..!!

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