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Monday, February 06, 2006

More on nuvexport, VCD, SVCD

A great deal of info is offered here about nuvexport, .nuvexportrc etc, by Christopher Friend.

Here is a section detailing which Encoding to choose.

Comparisons between SVCD and VCD formats are interesting:


SVCD is just a better quality version of a VCD, allowing upto 60 minutes of Video on a CD. ( Note: Standalone VCD players may not support SVCD, like Apex AD-1225)


Great Quality
Wide Compatibility
Can be burnt to a normal CD
Small filesizes, great for storing on a PC


Just 60 minutes of Video
Less compatabiltity than VCD


A VCD can be seen as the video version of an audio CD. VCDs allow one to add different subtitle tracks, audio tracks, video files and menus to a single CD, but one would need a burning program capable of creating a VCD to do so. A VCD can hold upto 80 minutes of video on a single CD.


Widely compatible
Can be burnt to a regular CD
Holds more Video than a SVCD


Worse quality that SVCD
Only holds 80 minutes of video.


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