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Saturday, April 23, 2005

GandhiCon 3 ? M$ to Support Linux in Virtual Server 2005

M$ has announced support for Linux in its virtualization software, Virtual Server 2005.

Follow the /. thread for more. Here is the news link.

From that thread:
"A VM-type OS is larger and much more complex. In a proprietary VM, it would be easy to hide a test for a specific OS so that it couldn't be found. You could break arbitrary parts of the target OS, and it would be extremely difficult for the OS's supporters to diagnose what you've done and program around it. They've done it in the past; they'll do it in the future. "

Yeah, if guest_os is linux, MS Virtual Server probably *will* slow that instance down.

MS's Steve Ballmer in a statement made in year 2000 stated that "Linux is communism. " , and later as "Linux is Cancer" (2001).

I guess, that all have changed now, huh?

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