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Thursday, February 24, 2005

RHEL ES 4.0 release 1 -- miseries while kickstarting..

Okay, I got a DL 360 to play with, has two Broadcom cards and the installer loads tg3.ko as the drivers, and it says links is up at 100 Half.


Okay, but later fails to get a dhcp response from the network.

And, throws you back at:

When you hit enter, still asking it to get response from dhcp, it cannot even find the device(?):


Now if you assign IP addresses manually and hit enter, it will not still get onto the network:


Now I pop in a floppy (vfat) with a ks.cfg which has static IP details in it, and boot the box with linux ks=floppy argument...

Look what happens, it cannot even read the floppy.

Updated (03.01.2005) :

I've submitted this as bug 149682 on Feb 24 to bugzilla. Here is the link.

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