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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Debug flags for sendmail

Common flags:

-d0 General debugging.
-d1 Show send information.
-d2 End with finis( ).
-d3 Print the load average.
-d4 Enough disk space.
-d5 Show events.
-d6 Show failed mail.
-d7 The queue file name.
-d8 DNS name resolution.
-d9 Trace RFC1413 queries.
-d9.1 Make host name canonical.
-d10 Show recipient delivery.
-d11 Trace delivery.
-d12 Show mapping of relative host.
-d13 Show delivery.
-d14 Show header field commas.
-d15 Show network get request activity.
-d16 Outgoing connections.
-d17 List MX hosts.

-d12 Set flag 12 to level 1
-d12.3 Set flag 12 to level 3
-d3-17 Set flags 3 through 17 to level 1
-d3-17.4 Set flags 3 through 17 to level 4

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