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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Tribute to my systems....

My Linux Box is an ancient Pentium Pro 233MHz PC, running RHEL 2.1, and 98 Meg of RAM.

It was about to be trashed, but somehow ended up with me.

Within its limitations, it has been exceptionally good to me so far.

I've never powered it down since almost an year....

The rear side:

Its neighbours are the surround side system, the Cable Modem, Wireless Router, Xbox, VCR, TV and a RCA switch. Hence the complexity of wires is at par of a "decent" Data Centre.


More Copper...

Also, here is my Wireless Router, the left speaker on top of it.

Beneath it is my sound system. I hope that the heat won't kill any of them.

And finally, here is my Gateway laptop, which has an annoyingly loud fan.

Room heater:

Did I say I love them all?

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