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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Starved to death, he roasted and ate a 2-yr-old

HYDERABAD: Police have arrested a man they say kidnapped a two-year-old girl before roasting her on a fire and eating her because he was starving.

The gruesome incident took place in a jungle hamlet in Nellore district in Andhra Pradesh about a week ago, a police officer said on Friday, and came to light after the 42-year-old man was later discovered gorging on a buffalo carcass.

"He was caught and handed over to us by villagers who found it strange that he was eating such a large animal with his bare hands with flourish," the officer told Reuters. The man was arrested on Wednesday.

Parents of the missing girl, who lived in a neighbouring village, feared the worst when they heard of the incident and went to the area where the man was caught.

Their fears were confirmed when they found the girl's head, a limb, some jewellery and clothes strewn near the site. If convicted of murder, the man faces the death penalty or a life term in prison.

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